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Jet Share Programs vs. Private Jet Memberships

Jet share programs are alternative programs offered by operators to private flyers who do not want to commit to whole aircraft ownership. The private jet industry has evolved to provide many different program options to fit any private flyers’ needs. Jet share programs are tailored to people who would like to own part of an aircraft and share the aircraft with other program members. The primary issue people run into with these types of programs, and with whole aircraft programs, is you only have a set number of hours for the aircraft with no real flexibility to choose. With private flyers’ ever-changing travel needs, it is hard to commit to a program that does not allow flexibility in aircraft use. A more desirable avenue that private flyers have flocked to is the private jet membership model.

Private Jet Memberships are offered to people who are not looking for aircraft ownership or fractional ownership. However, not all private jet memberships are alike. Jet card memberships are very similar to jet share programs that lock a member into a certain amount of hours on an aircraft. UberJets’ private jet membership model allows for more flexibility and gives members the ability to choose what aircraft they want, whenever they want it. With a simple yearly membership fee, UberJets members gain access to the most user-friendly booking platform in the marketplace, giving them access to their very own virtual hangar of aircraft. This private jet membership tailors to the modern private jet flyer who values flexibility and the ease of technology. Unlike jet share programs, jet cards, and fractional ownership, the UberJets membership puts the member in complete control of their travel plans. Learn more about our membership options by visiting our UberJets membership page and schedule a call with one of our private aviation professionals.