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Why Flying Private is Safer

In 2020, flying commercial and maintaining proper social distance are mutually exclusive. Commercial flights mean putting your family, friends, and self at risk. With UberJets’ private aviation opportunities, we eliminate these issues. Although flying private is more expensive than commercial flights, the health advantages are invaluable.

Private jets use smaller, more exclusive terminals(FBOs) with significantly less traffic. At most FBOs, you are not made to go through the same security process as flying commercially, and far fewer people will touch your belongings; a common practice at many FBOs is boarding and departure as soon as possible. Instead of interacting with strangers at the airport and on the plane; the only passengers you won’t know are the health-conscious flight crew. While risk can never be eliminated in the age of Coronavirus, flying private has markedly less risk than commercial.

Many private jet companies allow travelers to be dropped off straight to the aircraft without going into the terminal. Many clients take advantage of that one. As an UberJets member, we provide you with free car service, an aircraft that is cleaned before every flight, and the stress-free private aviation experience. In short, the UberJets experience is the safest travel option. Fly safe, fly UberJets!